State of the Habbo Economy

Hello! My name is CrazyAceOne and I’m one of many people working behind the scenes to bring you new furni and fun campaigns. I’m going to try something that’s never been done by Habbo before (at least I don’t think it has). I’m going to share some marketplace stats and insider information to help all my trader friends out there to make better choices.

As you may know, the trade value of items are closely linked to the supply and demand of that item in the hotel. For that reason we are careful about the frequency in which we sell items in the catalog. Here are the guidelines we use to help us decide how things should be rotated into the catalog:

  • Catalogue Furni – These items are always on sale. We refer to these as permanent lines, but we’ve also heard Habbos call them “Norms”. The purpose of these items is to make sure there is an infinite supply of basic building blocks to make cool rooms. Builders club is based on a similar concept, but with a greater feeling of being limitless. We really want our builders to have the tools they need to make cool rooms!
  • Seasonal Campaign Furni – These items enter the shop, typically for a 2 or 3 weeks at a time. Once the campaign has ended we avoid selling them again for 4-12 months in order to leave window for the trade shops and marketplace to build businesses around them. The purpose of these items is mainly to fuel our creative builders with unique stuff and reward those who participate in the festivities. These are also a good opportunity for traders because the supply is somewhat limited. The semi-limited supply allows for some “treasure hunt” style fun for our builder Habbos to find those bits and pieces to perfect a room design.
  • Rare Furni – There are many types of rares such as Rare Prizes, Bonus Rares, Campaign Rares and Loyalty Rares. These furni are only available for a limited time and will not be re-released. These are mainly for the collectors and traders out there. Rares are a good opportunity for traders since the supply will not go up and in many cases will go down or consolidate as users collect or use them in designs.
  • LTD Rare Furni – A special type of rare, which comes in a limited quantity. We couldn’t exceed the quantity limit if we wanted to! There is also an item number on each LTD making them truly unique.
  • Rare Credit Furni – An interesting class of rare. These have an exchange value for credits which make the trading values stable, but since they are sold in limited quantities they are also rare and over time become more rare as some supply is converted back to credits.
  • Bonus Rare – A relatively new rare to the Habbo Marketplace, Bonus Rares are acquired for every 120c a Habbo purchases. Bonus Rares are released twice monthly, typically on the 1st and the 15th, and, as with other rares, will never rereleased.

We know furni values are very important to Habbos and so we do our best to maintain a healthy economy. We do this by limiting how often items are available in the catalogue in order to give our traders the opportunity to run shops and use the marketplace. That said, an economy with over 250k Habbos trading every month is clearly not possible to control entirely. Even if we could completely manage all the values, I’m not sure you’d want us to. Its much more fun if things stay market driven.For example, when re-selling a campaign line, we often see comments in forums such as “why are these back on sale, are no prices safe?”. The truth is that there is an item with a very safe and stable trade value – credit furni. The safe and stable price of credit furni allows it to function well as a unit of exchange, but it doesn’t leave much opportunity for profit and that’s not fun. The fluctuating aftermarket values actually allow for opportunities to trade and profit and the market driven forces ensure that those values are relevant to the demand in your local hotel.

As promised, here are some Marketplace Stats you might find interesting…

In 2013 over 1.2 million items were traded in the marketplace with a total trade value of 13 million credits! The amount of items traded in rooms is many times more than this. Below you’ll find the top 10 items traded in marketplace by value (price * quantity) and number of trades.


Tell us what you think. Did you enjoy this post? If you’d like to see more posts and stats like this in the future, please share your comments.



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  1. Release more LTDs and let them be put into the cata.

  2. Some of that isn’t true. You guys stated that the Diamond and Emerald ducks were to be released for 6-8 hours as a part of the rares for Christmas. You guys re-released them and left them there for another two weeks. I really think you guys need to be more straight forward.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. These items were originally produced and intended for sale during the entire campaign, as we’ve done in all past instances with the rare credit furni. However it is true that they appeared on the standard rare page. We will be very careful about the page location in the future.

  3. I’m always happy about some stats like this and hope you will continue making them.

  4. Very useful for us traders!
    Please post more in the future.

    I was expecting the Grass Patches to be the top of Quantity.

    Is the ‘credit furni’ mentioned in “The truth is that there is an item with a very safe and stable trade value – credit furni.” permanent lines?

    • Glad you enjoyed it! We’ll try to make this a regular thing.

      To answer your question: I was referring to the “Habbo Coins” by saying credit furni. They are the “safest” tradable item as they can be converted back to a stable credit value when you double-click. However stable safe is not usually what traders want all the time (at least not in my experience).

      The permanent lines are the lines that are always there in the catalogue. For example in the “Furni By Line” or “Furni by Item” section.

  5. Hobbas
    Another tree branch to helper tool
    Less priority on possession, materialism, capitalism, profit, value, rares
    More priority on enhancing the community with valid role models interactive with those who need someone to look up to.
    Less priority on class, feeling above someone, having classes of poor and wealthy such as norms and vip.

    Aka reboot habbo 2001 and pess launch.

  6. Loved the post
    Yes, we would like to see more new stuff for the blog.

    I would like to read more on the blog about what they are working, what they are doing, what is coming?

    Thanks, Vitor-Maionese (HabboBR)

  7. To improve habbo :

    1 – Back to Battle Ball
    2 – Rearrange the Home page and put back the old news as in 2010 posted by managers .
    3 – Close habbos more retro ( It has a retro habbo that has more players than HabboBR )
    4 – Launch new public spaces in 2010 had several bad removed .
    5 – Back to the Wobble Squable and Trampoline in the pool .
    ( sell tickets for these games by 1C ) ALL USERS WANT THAT .
    NOTE: Do not forget the TV showing the players jumping on Habbo Deck .
    6 – Create a InfoBus that actually looks like a public space , because it really does not.
    8 – Redesigning and re Habbo Camera .
    9 – Replace the main shopping currencies , sorry bad our currency has cold and dreary colors , is more dificel buy coins this new page , a beginner does not feel safe making purchases through it , take the easy option of changing the parents who make the purchase , reformulate the page or better yet go back to old .

    To improve public spaces :
    1 – Launch new public spaces in 2010 had several were removed .
    2 – Remove the visible public spaces that appear as normal in browser Room rooms.
    3 – Stop using normal Furni catalog and make public spaces as 2010 with Furni details that do not appear when you click the mobi ( this is ugly to public places )
    5 – Place the habbos of wetsuit automatically when you enter the Habbo Deck , remove clothes when habbo leaves the room .
    6 – Create a InfoBus that actually looks like a public space , where the doors open and close.

    To improve the HC :
    1 – Maybe returning to the VIP by 25C and 15C by HC ( Many users bought HC )
    2 – A public space in the browser for users HCs as the Mammoth Club which was visible only to HCs .
    3 – Have the option to enter the normal queue or opt for the HC queue in public areas .
    4 – New types of dances .

    Is there ideas to improve habbo , just do not put the trade issue up view of jogagores because it can be catastrophic .

    Thanks , Vitor – Mayonnaise ( HabboBR )

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